CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Message

At Coast driving institute, your health and the health of those around you is our highest priority. None of us want unwillingly to transmit COVID-19 virus to others, so we have put in place a series of measures as instructed by the Mississippi Department of Licensing and Regulations as well as the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). Limited classes available (first come first serve basis). Call us to set up an appointment. All students must wear masks. We do not have masks available for students. Please bring your own mask.

Why To Choose CDI?

Coast Driving Institute has helped students achieve their goal of getting their license. In addition to our outstanding reputation, we have a convenient location to serve our students. We offer home pick up and drop off. Most of our employees are multilingual to best cater to our customer's needs. Our staff and instructors are truly the best in BILOXI. Change your life, Learn to drive in any of 3 Lessons that provided by us. Contact CDI today or register for one of our classes/lessons online.

We Offer

►Teen Drivers Education and Cretificate.

►Insurance Discount.

►Step-by-step road lessons (Instructor brake in car for safety).

►Defensive Driving Courses & Certificates.


Our Features

Coast Driving Institute is one of the most best institute
in the BILOXI area

Our unique approach to teaching, one-of-a-kind teaching techniques, and efficient program structures make CDI an excellent choice for new and/or nervous drivers. We are a family owned business serving the BILOXI area.

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    95% of our students pass the test on their first attempt and after only 6 hours classes. Our mission is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills for SAFE DRIVING and OBTAINING A DRIVER’s LICENSE. Our Mission is to teach safe driving to our students while making the process fun, easy and interactive.

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    We make it easy and fast for you. Getting your license and achieving your independence could be a long and difficult path. Our driving instructors and our unique methodology transform the complex to the simple and provide you the best possible training. Our behind-the-wheel driving lessons give you the skills necessary to operate a vehicle with confidence.

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    CDI is one of the few Department Of Public Safety Centers in BILOXI. We offer a range of defensive driving courses and programs. Contact us today to learn more.

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    We can provide pickup and drop offs for student's in our coverage area. We also have trained professionals who have expertise in teaching students with reading or writing challenges so they can take the test orally.

We Give Step-by-Step Road lessons & Certificates

Courses starts from just $50

Faqs & News

The road test is usually taken in your personal vehicle. If your teen is more comfortable in one of our cars, we can take them for the test for a small fee. you vehicle must have: a license plate on the front and the back. all turn signals and brake lights in working condition a working horn have safety belts for all occupants have proof of insurance for said vehicle

As soon as he/she gets the learners permit! Your teen can drive with anyone 21 years old or older who has a valid drivers license (valid for at elast one year). We start being scheduled as soon A permit is acquired. Teens DO NOT need to finish the classroom portion in order to start driving with us.

We currently accept only Checks and cash.

Go to Classes &Schedule page, select the class and enroll online.

Any teen wishing to learn how to drive can enroll in ANY class in which he/she turns 15 by the last day of selected class.

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